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Your last wingman leave you hanging?
Couldn’t give you the backup you needed?
Well, toss that fool and ‘pickup’ the ONLY app that will give you the BEST material to use in almost ANY situation.

Oh this is TOO good to believe. We are proud to bring to you a ‘Virtual Wingman’ you can take with you EVERYWHERE you go, that will give you the most killer pickup lines to use. We’re not even halfway done yet, this app will give you FOLLOW-UP lines to use based on whatever her reaction is.

We give you SIX levels of conversation per SCENARIO so you never have an excuse not to approach that hottie – or if maybe you just like our lines better than your own!

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See how simple it is!

TEN different locations to apply our pickup mastery (our words, your delivery) to:

1. Grocery Store – yes, RIPE for picking up!
2. Coffee Shop – given
3. Street – yes it IS possible
4. Club – wait till you see OUR approach
5. Mall – yep, no matter how old you are
6. Gas Station – we are not playing around here
7. Work Setting – careful, we’ll help you
8. Friend of Friend – we got you covered
9. Business Contact – fun, creative material
10. While Driving – we told you we were serious.


Watch the app work in a real-life situation!


‘I used to miss so many opportunities to talk to the women I liked during the day, because I thought you could only pick them up at night at a bar. Boy was I wrong!
Thank you Virtual Wingman for bringing me more dates then I was ready for!’
-Troy, Los Angeles
‘This thing is amazing, end of story. Wherever I am, whatever time of day,
I NEVER have to wonder what to say to a woman – it’s all RIGHT THERE FOR ME!
You rock Virtual Wingman!’
-Carlos, Montreal

What do women have to say about Virtual Wingman?

Just a note to the guys – I met my boyfriend through a line he used from this thing.
Sounds silly but honestly better than the stuff I hear his real life wingmen using!’
-Sandra , Las Vegas

Folks, you learn by doing.

Ignore all those silly dating books, reality shows and expensive $3k seminars/classes taught by jokers.
Download this tool FOR ONLY $1.99 and start changing your life!
Please send questions, comments, pr inquiries and more to info@TheVirtualWingman.com
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